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breakfast - lunch - dinner

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we serve allpress coffee

At FOMO, we are serving Allpress coffee.

A significant factor influencing flavour in the cup is the roasting method. The roasting process gives green beans taste, aroma and colour, transforming the fats into volatile oils and caramelising the sugars.

Allpress changed from traditional drum roasting, which combines conductive and convective heat, to the newer technology of hot air roasting.  This method uses only convective heat in a fluidised bed system where the beans are suspended in a stream of hot air, allowing temperature to be controlled with greater precision. The beans roast more evenly with no risk of scorching or tainting from residual smoke and roasting this way consistently produces cleaner, sweeter tasting coffee.

Allpress made the change to hot air several years ago and still remain one of the few Australian roasters to use this method, truly preserving the unique flavour of the beans they have carefully selected.